Works great with the Tube Works 1500 Power Amp. Your Cost $ 300.00 includes shipping in the Continental USA.

​​​Tube Works 1500 Power Amp - ​Slightly used and in great condition. 250 Watts of power per side and it has a Mono Mode and a Stereo Mode. Will handle either 8 Ohm or 4 Ohm Speakers

​Your Cost $ 325.00 includes shipping in the Continental USA

Evans Pre Amp - Slightly used and in great condition.

Used Guitars, Amps, Accessories etc..



I have two caps left in stock, your cost $ 5.00 each plus shipping and handling.


We have two new narrow mount left in stock, your cost $ 45.00 each plus shipping and handling. The 610 is a hot yet clean pickup that cuts through.

​​Miracle Audio  Super Mod Kit For Peavey Session 400 LTD (1987 or newer). We have two kits left at $ 25.00 each plus shipping and handling.​

Boss – Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas Multi Pack - Put your Band In The Box on Steroids!

​VSC-MP1 edirol virtual sound canvas multi pack – Multi-Instrument Software Synthesizer
The complete high quality MIDI synthesizer inside your PC or Mac.
The VSC-MP1 provides the best software solution to instantly playback MIDI music on your computer with remarkable 902 sounds and 26 drum sets, compatible to General MIDI (Level 2) and Roland GS format.
It’s controller window allows you to have complete control over sounds, volume levels, expression, pan position, reverb, chorus and delay effects of your songs played on MIDI files. The VSC-MP1 also has the function to convert MIDI files into audio WAV and AIFF. Three versions are included in the box: the stand alone version and two Plug-In versions, VST instruments and DSX (Direct X Instruments).  Your Cost $ 35.00 plus shipping and handling. We have two left in stock.

Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder

The Micro BR is so small you can put it in your pocket! It measures 5 3/8” x 3 3/16” x 7/8”. Don’t let that size fool you, the Micro BR packs an entire studio’s worth of features in a tiny case. There are a dozen buttons on the front panel, 9 knobs and even a built in microphone for quick captures.
Features include: Ultra Portable, only slightly larger than an iPod, 4 track play back, 32 V tracks, Loads and plays MP3 files, Multi effects on board, dedicated guitar input, Time stretch and center cancel features (including MP3 files), 293 rhythm patterns, Built in tuner and microphone, USB port for data transfer, SD card slot for recording media, 128 MB card included All for Your Cost of $ 225.00 plus shipping and handling. One left in stock.

Boss TU-2

The TU 2 is another tuner discontinued by Boss, we have two left in stock. Once again you can find out more information about this tuner in our catalog or at our web site. Your Cost $ 70.00 plus shipping and handling.

This kit allows you to keep all the tools and items necessary to keep your George L cables in working order. The kit includes the Vinyl Zippered pouch, six assorted colored .155 Stress Relief Jackets and 6 assorted colored Right Angle Plug Stress Relief Jackets. Plus one Cable Checker, one Cable Cutter, one Screw Driver and two Cable Keepers. Your Cost $ 35.00 plus S & H.

​​George L Cable
We have some Red .155 cable and White .155 cable in stock, your cost $ 1.00 per foot, we also have .155 Straight Stress Relief Jackets your cost .95 cents each in Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Yellow and White. We also have Right Angle Stress Relief Jackets in the same colors, your cost .75 cents each.  
We have four Gold Right Angle Plugs with Black Stress Relief Jackets, your cost $ 20.00. All plus shipping and handling.

George L Cable Kit