Features:  Classic Peavey Low, Mid, Mid Shift, High and Presence EQ-Pre Gain-Front End Boost (remote switchable)-Pre EQ Loop For Volume Pedals-Post EQ Effects Loop (remote switchable)-Spring Reverb Level (remote switchable)-Digital Chorus, Reverb and Delay-Remote Switchable Tap Tempo For Delay-Remote Switchable Digital Effects Defeat-All Delay And Reverb “Tails” remain Intact During Any Switching-Master Gain Control-500W Stereo Power (250W Per Side Into 4 Ohms)-Proprietary MIDI Remote Controller Included-Midi Protocol For Remote Switching To Allow For Numerous Remote Switching Options-Stereo MSDIs With Ground Lifts-1/4” Speaker Outputs-Stereo Effects Loop (rear; remote switchable) Which Sum To Mono In Tandem When Only One Cabinet Is Used. I have had a chance to go through the amp, I was able to get a really nice Tone and Delay and the results was a great sounding amp.
Just In And Ready For Sale. Contact Frenchy for pricing information.

New From Peavey...............The Session 115 Combo Amp​​
The new and long awaited  Peavey Session 115 Combo Amp is now here and in stock. The 115 is designed to work with Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Fiddle, Ukulele, Banjo, Accordion or whatever application you may need for clean and honest reproduction of any musical instrument. The Session 115 is meticulously voiced using proven Peavey Pedal Steel Amp designs into a 500W Stereo beast - 250W with the internal 15" Neodymium 1501-4 Black Widow Speaker.vType your paragraph here.

The Nashville 112 is once again available!!!!!!

Features: 80 powerfull watts - Proprietary 12" Blue Marvel Speaker - Pre-EQ patch send and return (Volume Pedal Patch) - -post-EQ effects loop - Active Low, mid, mid-shift, high and presence - Three spring Reverb - Preamp output/CD and power amp input patch - Headphone output for private rehearsal - Footswitch for effects loop and reverb is optional.

Contact Frenchy for pricing and availability: 505 864-2966 or email me at frenchy@frenchyspedalsteel.com.