​​​New Instructional Material

New Course From Frenchy Messier

Rock And Blues Type Licks

I cover a number of pads and licks that will work with both Rock and Blues. I also cover both the Pentatonic and Blues Scale. All pads and licks are played without rhythm tracks then against the rhythm tracks. I also play the licks without distortion then with distortion so you can hear how they will work then I record the rhythm tracks so that you can practice each example with the tracks. The course includes the book of tabs plus 2 CD's. Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling.

Instructional CD’s From Mark van Allen
Mark is an Atlanta, Georgia based steel player who has two CD’s, which we have in stock, with the group Blueground Under Grass.  Mark is developing a series of CD’s dealing with Songs and Licks played by Buddy Emmons as well as Music Theory courses.

Music Theory And Number System For E9th Pedal Steel Guitar
Mark starts out with the basics of music theory and moves quickly through scale and chord construction, vertical and horizontal scales, chord families, extensions and substitutions, concept of “key” and the harmonized scale in full chords, 3rds and 6ths as well as numerous licks, positions and ideas for using this new found knowledge. The two CD set contains more than 2 ½ hours of instruction completely explained as you sit behind your steel. Your Cost $ 30.00 plus shipping and handling.

Buddy Emmons Style…….
Mark explains each lick or phrase of a song in great detail. These are not just how to courses but also why Buddy plays what he plays, a must for all Buddy Emmons fans.

MvA-011 - Broken Down In Tiny Pieces.
Mark starts with the original live 1977 recording by Buddy then talks you through this song with great detail over the space of 22 tracks. CD only Your Cost $ 20.00 plus shipping and handling.

MvA-012 – Licks And Style #1
Mark talks us through a number of those great Buddy Emmons licks with great detail and explains the genesis of the licks. This 72 minute CD contains 25 licks. CD only Your Cost $ 22.00 plus shipping and handling.

MvA-013 Licks And Style  #2
This is a continuation of the 1st CD and includes intro’s, Fills, Counterpoint, Harmony Lines, Chord Substitutions and many variations. There is also some more advanced licks including Buddy’s famous Chromatic String moves, chord subs, G# to F# lever licks and more. Mark also explains the scale positions used so you can play these anytime, anywhere. This is a 71 minute CD with more than 27 licks covered. Your Cost $ 22.00 plus shipping and handling.

​​Frenchy Messier…..New Instructional Material

New…….Faded Love/Maidens Prayer Medley – E9th Arrangement
Both of these tunes were bandstand requests with the last band I played with so I decided to put them together as a medley. I am using the standard E9th tuning plus the knee lever that lowers the 6th string then split it with the B pedal. I am also using the P4 but I do explain optional runs.
Contents: Introduction, Steel With Track, Alternate Runs, Steel Only, Steel and Track, Track Only, Conclusion. Tabs and CD Your Cost $ 10.00 plus shipping and handling.

Amazing Grace –  E9th Arrangement
Amazing Grace is one of those old Gospel tunes that you just love to love so I decided to tab out my version of this classic. The pedals that I use along with the standard pedal set up are the knee lever that lowers the 6th string a whole tone then splits it ½ tone with the B pedal and the commonly called “Franklin” pedal which lowers strings 5, 6 and 10 a whole tone.
Contents: Introduction, Steel with Track, Explanation, Steel Track Only, Explanation, Steel with Track, Track Only, Thank You.
Tabs and CD Your Cost $ 10.00 plus shipping and handling.

Last Date –  E9th Arrangement
I am in the process of tabbing out several songs, Last Date is the first in the series. Along with the tabs will be a CD and what I am doing on the CD is to have the steel and rhythm track then a track with the steel by itself so you can hear how I phrase everything and then there will be the rhythm track to play along with. Your Cost $ 10.00 plus shipping and handling.

Night Life –   C6th Arrangement

C6th arrangement using the standard C6th Pedal Setup. Tabs with CD – Your Cost $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

The Right Hand (Improve Your Right Hand Technique) E9th Tuning.
I have had a number of calls asking me how to improve on right hand technique so I put this course together. I use exercises and scales to help develop pick blocking technique and chord scales to help with palm blocking. There are rhythm tracks, for all of the exercises and scales, to help with timing. Book of Tabs and two CD’s Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling.