​​​“Catfish” John Geer & Frenchy Messier

Trappin’ Squirrels - E9th Tuning
A guide toward a more complete understanding of the 2nd string’s full potential on the E9th neck. You will also develop a thought pattern for playing the E9th neck so that you can get the most out of the tuning. Note: I have re recorded this course and added rhythm tracks. Frenchy. - Book and two CD’s. Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling. 

I To IV Chord Changes For The E9th Tuning
I have re-written and re-recorded this course. The audio cassette now contains rhythm tracks so you can practice these 30 ways to get from a I Chord to the IV Chord. Frenchy plays the runs and licks dry then he plays them against the rhythm tracks. Then the rhythm tracks are there for you to practice with. Book and CD Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling. 

Doug Jernigan

Speed Pickin’ And Country Ballads – Tabs And Rhythm Tracks
Songs: Eight Days A Week-I’m Just Blue Enough-Riverwood Drive-Bonnie Marie-Arkansas Traveler-I hope You Dance-Orange Blossom Special-You Are My Treasure-Roanoke-Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets-It’s A Wonderful World-Amanda’s Serenade. Tabs and Rhythm Track CD Your Cost $ 65.00 plus shipping and handling.
My Ministry
Songs: The Meeting In The Air-Room At The Cross For You-Joy Unspeakable-Surely The Presence Of The Lord Is In This Place-My God Is Real-Glory To His Name-Shepard Of My Heart-The Unclouded Day-Wonderful Peace-Keep On The Firing line.
Book Of Tabs and Rhythm Tracks Your Cost $ 29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Mike Headrick
The Hag Bag Deluxe
Includes: Hag Bag CD, 12 charts of the songs using the Nashville number system, Mike’s copedent, Instructions on how to read number charts and tablature, Rhythm tracks of all 12 songs minus steel guitar, UB The Sideman CD with Shane Worley singing the songs and no lead instruments, Tabs for: Stay And Teach Me To Forget-High On A Hiltop-I Threw Away The Rose-Mary’s Mine. Plus more than 2.5 hours of audio instruction and demonstration.  A total of four CD’s in all Your Cost $ 50.00 plus shipping and handling.
Mike Headrick ‘s Goody Bag From Mike Headrick Picks His Favorites
Includes: Mike Headrick Picks His Favorites CD, Rhytm Track CD, U B The Sideman CD basic tracks with vocals, Tabs for: I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal-Once More-Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die-My Baby’s Gone-Satan’s Crown Jewel. Two CD’s containing detailed note for note demonstration, Nashville number charts to all songs, Mike’s copedent. A total of seven CD’s Your Cost $ 55.95 plus shipping and handling.

Jim Loessberg

The Jazz Series
This is a series of 30 songs which include tabs and cassette for the C6th tuning. Each song can be purchased individually.
Each of the Jazz Series pedal steel guitar tabs is a thirty minute audio taped lesson given in a relaxed and informal delivery. Jim teaches you step by step how to play the selected tune.
The bebop tunes are taught as follows: First Jim plays it through once in time with a metronome at a slow tempo. He then gives the basic chords then some chord substitutions to help you with your understanding of music theory. Next he describes how and where to play the melody (head) of the song, that is, He tells you what string to play on which fret, with which pedal and/or knee lever. Finally there is a rhythm track so you can practice playing the tune.
The ballads and big band numbers are taught much the same way, except that the melody and the chords are taught together. Plus all lessons are supplemented with the tablature for the heads and the chords/chord substitutions of the songs as well as a printed chord chart. Most of the bebop tunes are single note style tunes and all of the tunes can be translated into licks for playing Western Swing.

Individual Songs:                            

JL-05 Cherokee                   JL-10 On Green Dolphin Street             JL-13 Satin Doll              JL-18 The Girl From Ipenema                   

 JL-20 The Preacher            JL-22 All Of Me         

Each Set Of Tabs And Cassettes Your Cost $ 12.95 Each Plus Shipping And Handling.

JL-37 15 Ways To Get From A I To A IV Chord - Cassette And Tabs, Your Cost $ 12.95 Plus shipping and handling. (Jim also talks you through the licks and demonstrates them).         
JL-38 Right Hand Technique Building For The E9th
Contents: Palm Blocking Exercises And Licks-Thumb & Finger Exercises-Paradiddles-Pick Blocking Exercises & Licks-Three Finger Exercises. Cassette And Tabs, Your Cost $ 12.95 Plus shipping and handling. (Jim talks you through everything on the cassette).
JL-39 Beginning Chord Construction For the E9th. (Beginner To Intermediate)
This course begins with the basics of chord construction. Starting with the major scale formula, it teaches the student how to construct major, minor, suspended, augmented, diminished and 7th chords (major, minor and dominant). This tape is designed for the player who has no knowledge of chords but who would like to learn an easy way to construct any chord. Cassette with Tabs Your Cost $ 12.95 plus shipping and handling.
JL-40 Intermediate Chord Construction For The E9th. (Intermediate)This course begins where the Beginning Chord Construction For E9th course left off. It Covers construction of 9th chords, including major, minor and dominant chords. The tape also includes a section on altered 9th chords, including 7#9 and 7b9 chords.  Cassette with Tabs Your Cost $ 12.95 plus shipping and handling.

Frenchy Messier   

Steel For The Fun Of It! - A Guide To Learning And Playing The E9th Tuning.
This course comes complete with a Book and Six Cassettes and is just like having a set of Encyclopedias for the E9th tuning. The course goes from the beginner to advanced levels of playing the E9th tuning. It is written in such a way that you not only learn the subject matter in each chapter, but you also learn where to find things, how to play them and WHY we play what we play. Rhythm tracks are provided after each exercise throughout the course so you can practice what you have just learned.                                          
Contents: The Legend-Tuning & Tuning Chart-Right Hand  & Bar Hand Technique-The Volume Pedal-Basic Music Theory-Chord Construction Using The No Pedal And A&B Pedals Down Positions-A&F Pedal Positions-The Seventh Chords And How To Use Them-Single Note Scales-New Scale Positions-Developing Single Note Licks And Runs-Tying Scale Positions Together To Create Licks-Minor Chords And How To Use Them-The Augmented Chords And How To Use Them-Harmony And The Harmonized Scale-Not Sure Of What To Play?-Substitute Chords And Chords Against Chords-Backing Up A Singer-Chord Chart For Rhythm Tracks.  Book and seven CD’s; Your Cost $ 44.95 plus shipping and handling.

C6 Quick Start - An Easy Guide To The C6th Tuning
I have used the same format for this course as I have for the Steel For The Fun Of It! Easy Guide Course.
Contents: Basic Theory And How It Applies To The C6th Tuning-Basic Chords And Their Picking Groups-Single Note Scales-Pedal No. 5 And How to Use It-Pedal No. 6 And How To Use It-Combining The Use Of Pedals No. 5&6-Pedals No. 5&6, The Diminished Chord-Pedal No. 7 And How To Use It-Pedal No. 8 And How To Use It-Pedal No. 4 & Knee Lever  No. 1 And How To Use Them-Knee Lever No. 2 And How To Use It-Knee Lever No. 3 And How To Use It-The Augmented And The Augmented 11th Chord-The Minors-Additional Scales-The Diminished In Single Note Form. Rhythm Tracks are provided throughout the course.  This course comes with a Book with  3 CD’s. Specify when ordering. Your Cost $ 34.95 plus shipping and handling.

Some Of My Favorite Classics – E9th
Songs: Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Danny Boy-Faded Love-Make The World Go Away-Sleepwalk-Waltz Across Texas.
Tabs and CD with steel and rhythm tracks Your Cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.
Note: I am incorporating the use of the pedals that lower the 5th and 10th strings a whole tone, lowering the 6th string a whole tone and splitting it to a half tone in all the songs except Danny Boy which is a traditional arrangement. I also use them in combinations.I arranged Faded Love a little differently, the last band I was with did it in G then D then A what I did was to arrange it in G then do a ride in D then end in G instead of the A. I originally learned to play Sleepwalk on non pedal steel so what I tried to do with this arrangement was to get blend of a non pedal/pedal feel to the song. Your Cost $ 7.95 plus shipping and handling. 

 A Few Of My Favorite Gospel Songs On E9th
Songs: Precious Memories-I'll Fly Away-In The Garden-Softly And Tenderly. Tabs and cassette or Tabs and CD (Please specify)
 Your Cost $ 15.00.  Plus shipping and handling.                         

Simply Hank (Williams That Is!)
Songs: Cold, Cold Heart-I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You-I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry-Your Cheating Heart. Tabs and Cassette or Tabs and CD (Please specify) Your Cost $ 15.00  plus shipping and  handling.        

Simple, Easy To Use Intro’s And Endings For The E9th.
21 intro’s and 12 endings. I play each intro and ending against the rhythm track then I put the rhythm track down without the steel so you can practice the intro’s and endings. Tabs and cassette or Tabs and CD (Please specify) Your Cost $ 15.00  Plus shpg & handling.

Lowering The Sixth String A Half And A Whole Tone
As a results of a number of requests I have put together this course showing some of the uses of lowering the 6th string a whole tone then splitting it a half tone with the 2nd pedal.  Tabs and CD Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling. - Continued

Exercises, Scales And Licks For The E9 Tuning
In this course I teach exercises to help strengthen the right hand and scale variations, the parallel scales then licks generated from these scales. I have included an instrumental track where I play the licks as fills. Then I put the instrumental track down so you can practice these licks. Tabs and CD Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling.

A Discussion And Aide In Tuning The E9th Tuning
Contents: Strings And How They Relate To Tuning-Do I Tune Sharp And If So When?-Harmonic Tuning, No Pedals And Pedals-How I Get The Numbers For My Electronic Tuner On My Guitar. Cassette Only, Your Cost $ 9.00 plus shipping and handling.

DeWitt “Scotty” Scott
Fifty’s And Beyond  - E9th Tuning
Songs: Beautiful Brown Eyes-Nobody's Darlin But Mine-Careless Hands-Tomorrow Never Comes-Don't Rob Another Mans Castle-There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight. Book and Cassette, Your Cost $ 11.95 + shpg & hndlg.

Doug Stock
Top Ten Tab, Doug Stock has tabbed the steel parts to the following tunes.
Tracy Bird                                           The Keeper Of The Stars                 Your Cost $  9.00   $ 5.00 plus shipping and handling.
Vince Gill                                             Which Bridge To Burn                     Your Cost $  9.00   $ 5.00 plus shipping and handling.
Doug Supernaw                                  What'll You Do About Me               Your Cost $  9.00   $ 5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Ron Turner
Country Hits! – E9th DVD Steel Guitar Course
Songs: Amarillo By Morning – Behind Closed Doors – If We Make It Through December – Hey Good Looking – Rhinestone Cowboy. Tabs, DVD and Rhythm Track CD Your Cost $ 32.95 plus shipping and handling.
Ron Turner – Learn Scales For The E9th Pedal Steel Guitar
Scales Taught: Major-Major Blues-Blues-Major Harmonic-Harmonic Minor-Hungarian Major-Hungarian Minor-Jazz Minor-Lydian Minor-Major Pentatonic-Minor Pentatonic-Melodic Minor-Natural Minor-Neopolitan Major-Neopolitan Minor. Book Of Tabs and DVD your cost $ 20.95 plus shipping and handling.

Herby Wallace

HWP-7003 Three Songs For The C6th TuningSongs: Indiana-L O V E- On The Street Where You Live. Tabs and Cassette Your Cost $ 10.95 plus shipping and handling. 

​                                                                               Song Tablature
From The “Chattanooga Choo Choo” Album

HWP- 8 - Every Time You Touch Me I Get high  - E9 - Tab only. Your Cost $ 3.75 plus shpg & hdng.  Shpg wght 6 oz..
HWP- 9 - The Days Of Wine And Roses   - C6 - Tab only. Your Cost $ 3.75 plus shpg & hndlg. Shpg weight 6 oz.


From The “Selections Of The Toe Tapping Variety” Album
When I Fall In Love  - C6                                                           Tab only, Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.
Don’t You Believe Her  - E9                                                      Tab only, Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.
Home In San Antone  - C6                                                           Tab only, Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.
Everytime You Touch Me I Get High – E9                        Tab only, Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.
The Days Of Wine And Roses                                                   Tab only, Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.

From The “Mr. Wallace & Company” Album
Avalon (C6) - Unforgettable (C6) - Orange Colored Sky (C6) - Sing A Sad Song (E9) - Taking A Chance On Love (C6) - Lonesome Road (C6) - Goin’ Away Party (C6) - You Took Her Off My Hands (E9) - Dream (C6)  - Package Price: Instrumental CD, Rhythm Track CD and Tabs Your Cost $ 49.95 plus shipping and handling.
Instrumental Cassette, Rhythm Track Cassette and Tabs Your Cost $ 39.95, $ 29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Individual Songs Tabbed Out
On The Sunny Side Of The Street - C6                 Tab only Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.
We Could – E9                                                       Tab only Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.
The Old Rugged Cross – E9                                   Tab only Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.
Born To Lose – C6                                                 Tab only Your Cost $ 3.50 plus shipping and handling.

Please note: There Are No Shipping Charges On The Individual Tabs When Ordered With Other ItemsRhythm Tracks

The following are rhythm tracks (without the steel) taken from various albums. You can use these for the tabs from the following: HWP-6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12. Please see the albums listing for the song titles of each. The shipping weight for each cassette is 8 oz.
HWP-1003RT - Take One - Cassette                                                  Your Cost $ 9.00  $ 7.95 plus shipping and handling.
HWP-2001RT – Tribute To Leon Rhodes & Buddy Charleton  - CD     Your Cost $ 18.00  $ 12.95 plus shpg and handling.
HWP-6001RT - Herby - Cassette                                                         Your Cost $ 10.95 $ 8.95 plus shipping and handling.
HWP-8001RT – Toe Tapping Variety - CD                                           Your Cost $ 18.00  $ 12.95 plus shpg and handling.

Assorted Instructional Courses , Videos and Software

Chuck Campbell – Sacred Steel - DVD 

Learn The Pedal Steel Guitar Of Chuck Campbell (With Phillip Campbell on Guitar And Darick Campbell on Lap Steel Guitar).

​Chuck Campbell’s ground breaking use of complex chords, fast picking and thrilling effects make his the most emulated style among young Sacred Steel players today. As a member of the Campbell Brothers,  Chucks music has moved from it’s origin’s in the House Of God Church to audiences world wide. Chuck and the Campbell Brothers have performed at The Hollywood Bowl, Kennedy Center, Brooklyn Academy Of Music and New York’s Symphony Space Plus many other venue’s.
Contents: The soulful, sanctified sounds of Sacred Steel Guitar combines powerful African-American Gospel music and bluesy inflections, R&B passion plus Rock excitement. Chuck’s innovative pedal steel playing epitomizes this amazing genre. His hard driving licks and sweeping sustains has influenced many musicians in all styles of music. So, whether you are just a beginner or an advanced player this DVD will open up a whole new world of musical inspiration for you..
Chuck details his 12 string E major added 7th tuning and walks you through his unique pedal set up. He shows you the various ways he gets his much imitated sounds. He teaches “framing” (strumming) picking, the use of vibrato, left and right hand string blocking, chords and scales for major and minor blues plus much more.
All this comes together when Chuck and his brothers put this all together playing two traditional songs; Amazing Grace and When The Saints Go Marching In. DVD Your Cost $ 27.95 plus shipping and handling.

Dan Huckabee – Bluegrass Guitar
Dan Huckabee is a world renowned bluegrass musician who teaches you:
The details of right and left hand technique-Hammer-ons, pulloffs,  and finger exercises-Rhythm and strumming techniques-Bass runs-Note by note solos for five bluegrass songs: Red Haired Boy-You Are My Sunshine-Goldrush-Big Mon-Ragtime Annie. VHS video and tabs Your Cost $ 15.95 plus shipping and handling.

Dobro Instructional  Courses

 Beginning Dobro – DVD & Tabs
You will learn rolls and other right hand picing techniques such as the tremolo. You will be taught to handle the bar and perform a number of techniques including slants, pull offs, hammers and slides plus harmonic chimes. There are alos some flashy intro’s and endings plus songs.
Songs: John Henry-Fireball Mail-Woldwood Flower-Cripple Creek-Lonesome Road Blues-Pass Me Not-Wabash Cannonball (first and second break) plus three intro’ and five endings. DVD and Tabs Your Cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Dobro techniques By Stephen F. Toth  (For Bluegrass And Country Music)
Forward By Mike Auldridge
Contents: Basic parts of the Dobro, Word Guide, Playing Positions, The Left Hand, The Right Hand, Tab Symbols, The Strings, Bar Locations And Strings Played, Picking Fingers (basic locations), Picking Fingers (variations), Timing, Slides, Playing Techniques, edium Tempo Style, Fills, Licks, OIntro’s, Endings And Chord Charts.
Songs: Home Sweet Home (version 1,2,3 and fast tempo style), Red River Breakdown (version 1,2,3 and slow tempo style), Maidens Prayer (version 1,2 and 3). – Book And CD Your Cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.

 Cindy Cashdollar 
Learning Bluegrass Dobro Video
This Dobro course will have you playing your favorite bluegrass and country tunes in no time --- even if you have never played before! Cindy helps you to develop accuracy and intonation, get the best sounds, and learn how the scales and chords fit together to form major and minor melodies. Learn about Dobro construction and maintenance. Here are some of the other topics covered: Rolls, Rhythm Picking, Cross picking, Tone Control, Bar Techniques,  Finding and Building Chords, Hammer-ons and Pull offs, Minor Keys, Damping and More. Includes four all time favorite country tunes. DVD with Booklet Your Cost $ 29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Dobro Variations (Exploration in Minor, Swing And Rockabilly Styles.
Cindy builds your knowledge of the Dobro step-by-step, teaching alternate tunings, bar and pick techniques and terrific arrangements for blues, minor key and western swing tunes. A highlight of this DVD is that each piece is slowed down, with Cindy and the band playing rhythmic backup so you can practice your lead playing.
Cindy’s in-depth study of minor chord shapes and licks will enable you to play Django Reinhardt’s great Minor Swing and just about any tune that requires improvisation in Minor keys. In the classic Panhandle Rag, she shows how playing  in an open G6 Tuning gives you an instant country/swing sound. On Rockabilly Blues, she turns the Dobro into a funky, hard driving lead instrument. Faded Love, is a must for the player who wants a full command of the Dobro repertoire. 90 minute DVD with tabs, Your Cost $ 29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Doug Cox – More Dobro
Contents: Name all the notes and major chords on the Dobro-Play through the most used, I, IV, V chord progressions in all keys-Back up playing-Tone and damping tips-Easy versions of the songs The Water is Wide-Worried Man Blues and St. Anne’s Reel.
60 minute DVD and tabs Your Cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.                                                                                                                                                              
Janet Davis - You Can Teach Your Self Dobro
This is a rather complete course that is available in Book and CD format or DVD format or you can get all three. The course covers a number of different styles including Bluegrass, Old Time, Blues, Country and Hawaiian.            Songs Include Good Night Ladies, Dark Hollow, John Henry, Dixie,  Wabash Canonball, Sally Goodin’ and more.  The book is well illustrated with many pictures.
Book and CD Your Cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling. DVD Your Cost  $ 14.95 plus shipping and handling. Buy all three and your cost is $ 31.95 plus shipping and handling.
Back Up Dobro (Exploring The Fretboard)
In this course you will learn creative, fun techniques and ideas on playing backup.
Contents: Introduction, Chucking, Chucking Practice, Dobro Neck Major Chords, Running Scales Together, Descending Octaves, Sliding Up One String, Scales in C, D and G, Arpeggios, 3 Visual Patterns, Scale Patterns, Tying Scales Together,  I IV V Chord Progressions, Running All Shapes Together, Blues, Minor 7ths and Dominant 7ths, I VII II V Arpeggios, Major 7ths. Book And CD Your Cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.    

Paul Hayman - Anyone Can Play Dobro - DVD
Learn The Basics of Dobro playing for the beginning student. No previous musical experience is needed to be successful with this method. This DVD presents note by note instruction for playing both rhythm and melody styles using classic songs like Home Sweet Home, Bury Me Beneath The Willow and Red Haired Boy. DVD running time 50 minutes Your Cost $ 14.95 plus shipping and handling.                                                                                                                                                                   
Doug Jernigan - Dobro Video Course #2
Doug Begins with using harmonics to tune and he also talks about vibrato. Contents: Exercises, Scales And Licks. Songs: Coming Around The Mountain-Faded Love-Little Liza Jane-Black Mountain Rag (with ad lib). Video And Tabs Your Cost $ 30.00  plus shipping and handling.
60 Hot Licks For Dobro
The great Texas Dobro Artist, Tim McCasland, teaches 60 hot Dobro Licks for coutry, blues, swing and bluegrass music. VHS video with tabs Your Cost $ 15.95 plus shipping and handling.
Super Dobro Picking Techniques  – DVD
In This 30 minute DVD you will learn basic rolls, picking patterns and special techniques that every resonator guitarist should know. Forward, reverse and alternating thumb rolls are all carefully explained as well as creating artificial harmonics or “chiming”. Play along exercises of each technique ensures quick improvement. You will learn professional secrets while you improve your right hand power, speed and pick control. DVD Your Cost $ 14.95 plus shipping and handling.

The Murphy Method – Learn Bluegrass By Ear – Beginning Dobro by Mark Panfil and Murphy Henry – DVD
Contents: Introduction To The Dobro – Songs: Boil Them Cabbage Down – Skip To My Lou – Old Joe Clark – Amazing Grace – Wabash Canonball – Worries Man. DVD Your Cost $ 29.95 plus shipping and handling.

                                                       ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE         




Here is our regular inventory of instructional courses.

New Learning And Playing Aide From Ducks Deluxe! - Dial A Note – Dial Harmony


Learn or review music theory, Create harmony and learn or review chord construction. 
Dial Harmony Will show you:
The Degrees of Scale in all 12 keys both major and minor – How to modulate and transpose from any key to any other key you choose – The Nashville Number System in all 12 keys – How to create harmony in all 12 keys (3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc.) and Degrees of Scale you use to create them – The Solfeggio names of all the notes in all 12 keys – How to create your own chords with extensions in all 12 keys (9th’s, 11th’s, 13th’s, etc.) – How to read notes in both bass and treble clefs – The Modes ( Ionian, Dorian, Lydian etc.) where to start, where to end and which notes to play in all 7 Mode Scales in all 12 Keys – How many sharps or flats are in each key signature – The Consonant Chords of the Major and Minor scales (the Natural Chord Qualities) in all 12 keys – The Circle Of Fifths plus more. Your Cost $ 8.00 plus shipping and handling. 

While in the process of going through our inventory we came across a box containing courses from both Buddy Emmons and Jeff Newman. I’ll start with the Jeff Newman material. Then we will go to our regular instructional material selection. We also have a number of Dobro course which will be listed at the end of the page.

Jeff Newman

 The E9th Chord Dictionary………..DVD
Jeff uses the 3 floor pedal 3/ 4 Knee lever setup. He gives you all the positions for each chord, what pedals to use and strings to play and how you might see these chords happen in a chord progression. Jeff gives you the sound of the chord so you can hear it if used in a song.
Major, Minor, 7th’s. 6th’s, 9th’s, 13th’s, 11th’s, Suspended 4th’s. Raised 9th’s and the substitution chords that you can use instead of the actual chords. If there any shortcuts Jeff will show you. DVD only, your cost $ 59.00 plus shipping and handling.

The E9th/B6th Universal Course…………..DVD
Need help in putting it all together for the E9th/B6th 12 string Universal Tuning?....This course is for you! Jeff explains in detail how the tuning works, how to analyze the E9th side and the B6th/C6th side. He shows you what each pedal does and what chords they make plus how you will probably see them used at one time or another. The course will take the mystery out of the tuning. DVD only, your cost $ 40.00 plus shipping and handling.

A Study Of Sweet Memories…Vocal and Instrumental Versions Tabs and CD….Your Cost $ 24.95 plus shipping and handling.
Star Tracks….12 Great Instrumental Tracks                                                                                          Songs: Four Wheel Drive, Night Life, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, The Preacher, Woodchopper’s Ball, Raising The Dicken’s, Orange Blossom Special, San Antonio Rose, Steelin’ The Blues, Panhandle Rag, Remington Ride, Steel Guitar Rag. Chord Chart and Cassette…Your cost $ 5.00 plus shipping and handling.                                                                                                                        

Steel Tracks I.......Practice Rhythm Tracks                                                                                           

 Chord Chart with cassette………..Your cost $ 5.00 plus shipping and handling.                                                 Steel Guitar Rag - Swing Style - C6th On E9th                                                                               

A Complete Description Of 50 Parts…..Tablature and Cassette Your cost $ 10.00 plus shipping and handling


Buddy Emmons                                                                                                                                          

Intro’s & Turnaround….Tabs and CD….Your cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.                       

Intro’s & Turnarounds II.....Tabs and CD….Your cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.                                               

Expo E9….Book of Tabs with CD….Your cost $ 24.95 plus shipping and handling.                                           In The Mood For Swinging….Book of Tabs and Rhythm Track CD $ 24.95 plus shipping and handling.   

We’re Steel Swinging….Book of Tabs and Rhythm Track CD….Your cost $ 24.95 plus shipping and handling.                   
Swinging By Request…. Book of Tabs and Rhythm Track CD….Your cost $ 24.95 plus shipping and handling