Standard ME-262B Pedal with 12 volt adapter Your Cost $ 289.00 plus shipping and handling.
Low Profile Model Your Cost $ 289.00 plus shipping and handling.

Accessories Available:

                                 Universal Pedal Bar Mount – Your Cost $ 34.00 plus shipping and handling.
                            Emmons Type Pedal Bar Mount – Your Cost $ 45.00 plus shipping and handling.
                                   AC Power Supply – Your Cost $ 26.00 plus shipping and handling.

Here are the features of the Hilton Pro Guitar Pedal: Friction Adjustable Clutch with Allen Wrench (Up and Down stiffness

adjustment) – Negative tip 9 volt power supply, matches most guitar effect voltages. With a hook up cord from your pedal board manufacturer, you can power the Pro Guitar pedal without using the included power transformer, it is your option to do so – The Pro Guitar comes equipped with a dedicated tuner output – Guitar cords in on the right side and the outputs are on the left side for ease of use with pedal boards – regular profile which is best for the standing guitarist. With or without the pedal board, most parallel to the floor when in full on position – Set to be transparent – Dynamic response, excellent, best in the industry – Off point control on the side of the pedal – Patented Infrared control system………….Your Cost $ 299.00 plus shipping and handling.

Measurements: Length 10 ¾”, Width 3 ¾”. – Hinge point from front 6 5/8” – Height in front, off the floor, when pedal volume is wide open 2 ¼” – Height in front, off floor, when pedal volume is in off position 3 ¾” – Height in rear, off the floor, is in wide open volume position 1 5/8” – Height in rear, off the floor, in the off volume position 7/8” – Height in middle, off the floor, in the wide ope position 2” and in the off position 2 5/8”.

Now is the time to flush the potentiometer driven volume pedal……… order now while we have the Pro Guitar pedal in stock.

All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

New From Hilton Electronics……

                                                         The Pro Guitar Infrared Volume Pedal For Guitar Players!
At last guitar players will be able to experience a great volume pedal that we steel players have experienced for a long time. Keith Hilton has finally come out with his famous Infrared volume pedal for guitar players. This pedal is built, on a limited basis, especially for guitar players. It is not the same as the ME262B that is available to steel players, but it does have Keith’s patented Infrared system.​

The ME-262B uses Infrared scanning technology like bar code scanners and remote scanning technology widely used in industry. This eliminates the need for potentiometers so there is nothing to replace. Because the pre-amp is incorporated into the electronics your signal is automatically brought up to line levels. Not only are the electronics revolutionary but the pedal has an attractive finish with a great profile. All pedals have one input and two outputs plus an off point adjustment that allows you to set where you want the volume to begin, nothing complicated, the pedal just does what it is supposed to do.

Hilton Electronics Co. 

​                          The Hilton ME-262B Infrared Super Pedal