​​The“Steel Mill”  Nylon  Tuning Nuts

White and Metallic Gray Nylon Tuning Nuts For Pedal Steel Guitar
We have them in the following sizes:
​​White: 3/32” rod – 13/16” long, 1” long and 1 1/8 and 1 1/2” long. For 1/8” rod – 5/8” long, 1” Long, 1 1/8” Long and 1 ½” long. For 7/64” (109) Rod x 1 1/8” long.

Metallic Gray:: For 3/32” rod – 13/16” long, 1” long and 1 ¼” long – For 1/8” rod – ¾” long  For 7/64” (109) Rod x 1 1/8” long.

Your Cost for a Pack of 10 is $ 8.00 plus shipping and handling.

Please specify either White or Metallic Gray and size when ordering.

Features: Wound using handmade custom Bobbins – Highest quality Alnico 5 Magnets – Single build Poly/Nylon insulated coil wire – Scatter wound Coils wound on a manual winding machine – All construction components handmade – Each pickup tested – Unsurpassed tone, Frequency Response string separation, Warmth and Body, Output and Balance.
Note: As I mentioned earlier single coil pickups will have some Hum however, our “Traditionalist SC” Pickup is wound and shielded so as to minimize hum. We offer a 5 year Warranty against any manufacturing defect. Available in both Wide Mount and Narrow Mount 10 string models so please specify when ordering. Your Cost $ 89.95 plus shipping and handling. 12 string pickups are available check us for pricing.

The overall length of The “Steel Mill” Model 3-16 Tuning Wrench is 1 15/16” long, the diameter of the handle is ¾” and the knurl is fine enough not to tear up your fingers but enough to give you an excellent grip, the shaft is 1 ¼” long. This wrench feels good in my hand. Your Cost $ 6.00 plus shipping and handling.

 The“Steel Mill” Traditionalist SC Pickup.
 If you are like me you have gone through a number of different pickups to get that elusive “sound” and the hum bucking pickups seem to cure one thing, hum but leave you wanting more from the pickup. Recently, after listening to some older recordings it dawned on me that what I wanted to hear was the “sound” of the traditional single coil, pole piece pickup.

Well, I have found that single coil pole piece pickup that is giving me all the growl, tone and string separation that I was hearing and due to modern day winding techniques we are able to offer you a single coil pole piece pickup with no noticeable hum. As a matter of fact I have put one of the pickups on a GFI Ultra S10P and I am thrilled with the response.

I plugged this guitar into a number of different amps including a Nashville 112, Nashville 1000 and a rack mount system and used a Goodrich 120 volume pedal and the Hilton ME 262 B Infrared pedal and the pickup passed the test. I realize that this pickup is not going to be for everyone but as I said if you find something missing with your tone as I did with the available hum bucking pickups this pickup is for you.

We are pleased to announce a new product from The “Steel Mill”……The Model 3-16 Pedal Steel Guitar Tuning Wrench! - Why a tuning wrench?................There are a number of tuning wrenches available and I have tried them but to me they all lacked something. One had a short handle, small handle with a knurl that would tear up my fingers when the tuning nuts were tight. One had the shaft a little to long and there would be too much torque on the rod. Another, the shaft a little too short and the jack would be in the way.  So, the end result was for me to design a tuning wrench that I would happy with and hopefully so will you.

                       The "Steel Mill" Pedal Steel Products

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​Steel Guitar Leg Tips

10-32 Pedal Rod Connector Kit

1" Rod Extenders

​​​Your Cost $ 6.00 each plus shipping and handling.

1" Rod Extenders for 10-32" screw size (3/8" rod) your cost $ 6.00 each plus shipping and handling.

These leg tips will fit all standard Steel Guitar Legs including the GFI. Set of 4 leg tips your cost $ 4.00 plus shipping and handling.

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