​The Steelaire 115 Combo Amplifier

​​​​Quilter Labs

The Steelaire Pro is a unique configuration with all of the features of the Combo amp. It combines two products in one, the Steelaire rack mountable head which slides into a deeper, taller cabinet. The rack mountable head can be removed from the cabinet and put into a 2 space rack separating it from the cabinet which you can place it away from you or if you are in the studio into an isolation booth. With all this the entire package remains at 35 pounds....Amazing.

The next product in the Steelaire product line is the Steelaire Rackmount Head. This is the same power head that is in the Steelaire Combo and the

Steelaire Pro.  I put the rackmount head into my rack case with an Effects Processor going into two 12" speaker cabinets with JBL K130 8 Ohm speakers....what a big sound! With the ability to color the tone and manage the gain with the Limiter you can get any tonal response you want from full fat tone to clean, clean highs with all the headroom you will ever need.

Are you looking for a powerful amp that is portable? The answer is the Quilter Labs Steelaire Combo and the Steelaire Pro. The Combo is what I like to nickname Mighty Mouse because it delivers 200 Watts into a 4 Ohm  designated 15" Speaker weighing 35 pounds. That's right 35 pound!

Pat Quilter worked closely with the Eminence Speaker Co. to develop a speaker using the JBL D130 as a model. Giving you a creamy full bodied tone with crisp highs so you can expect a big full tone with incredibly clean highs. You will be amazed at the tone from this open back cabinet.

The entire Steelaire Series gives the steel player and any guitarist a range of options. You can go from rich, clean tone to a distorted tone, no need for separate distortion unit and included is an adjustable Tremolo unit.

Both The Steelaire Combo and the Steelaire Pro come standard with a heavy duty Nylon cover.

Features of the Steelaire product line are:

200 Watts (400 Watts of internal headroom for maximum Voltage swing)  

Dual inputs (supports multiple instruments or a buffered pedal loop)

Input mode selector : Selects Ch 1, Mute, Ch 2 or Ch 1+2

4 Band EQ: Bass (100 Hz), Low Mids (500 Hz), High Mids (2K Hz), Treble (5K Hz)

Limiter: Fully adjustable from clean to dirty.....(Great Feature!)

Tremelo: Fully adjustable depth and rate

Reverb: Adjustable depth, dwell and rate....(Another Great Feature!)

Master: Adjusts output power from 0 to 200 watts

Dual Speaker outputs: 1/4" from 2 to 16 Ohms

Remote Control Connection: Accepts RJ45 cable

Effects Loop: Send, Return and a 9 volt DC out, 200 Ma max

Direct out: 600 Ohm, isolated, balanced, 300 mV peak

Available Accessories:  Floor or Leg mount 6 way remote controller with cable, Tilt Back Legs.

We have both the Steelaire 115 Combo amp and the Steelaire Rackmount in stock and ready for sale. 

We have great pricing on both the Combo and Powerhead, call Frenchy at 505 864-2966 or email me at frenchy@frenchyspedalsteel.com