We just received this guitar and it is a great guitar, it is finished in Black Mica and is really sharp looking. It has 4 floor pedals and 5 knee levers. The floor pedal set up is the standard Emmons set up with the 4th floor pedal being what is commonly called the Franklin pedal. The pickup is the GFI II pickup for great tone and it comes with the case and leg and rod pouch. Contact Frenchy at 505 864-2966 or email me at frenchy@frenchyspedalsteel.com for pricing information.

Hilton 9 Volt Power Supply                                                                                                                                    Your Cost $ 18.00 when purchased with either the Pro-Dealy or Signal Sweetener. If purcahsed separately      $ 25.00 plus shipping and handling.

New Thumb Pick From Ultex by Dunlop

Features: Brightness And Punch For Any Style, Durability, Flexibility And Crisp Attack. Smooth Contoured Edges And Genuinely Expressive Response. Available In Medium And Large, Please Specify When Ordering. Your Cost: Medium  $ 1.50 each, Large $ 1.65 each all plus shipping and handling.


​I am pleased to announce the arrival of two new items from Keith Hilton. the first is THE LEGEND PRO-DELAY.   

If you liked the old DD3 Digital Delay you are going to love THE LEGEND PRO-DELAY. Why? Because not only is it simple to use it is great sounding. Blue power on and off footswitch with 3 easy to use controls, Level, Delay and Repeat. The unit is powered either through a 9 volt battery or a 9 volt power supply sold seperately.                                                                                                                                   Note: I hooked it up to the Effects Loop of a Quilter Steelaire Combo amp and it took me a matter of minutes to get a great sounding Delay.

Are you frustrated with not being able to get that consistant tone out of your potentiometer driven volume pedal? We all know that we get a brighter, cleaner tone at the low end of the rotation and as you increase the volume your tone gets heavier and thicker. The Signal Sweetener Pro-Sound II is designed to eliminate that problem and improve the tone - frequency response of the traditional pot pedal so that the response is the same throughout the complete rotation of the potentiometer. Your pickups will come alive giving you better sounding chords and better string separation. Your tone at the higher frets will be more defined.                                                                                   The unit is simple to operate with one control that turns the unit on and off as well as controlling the signal output. This new unit is all new electronic technology making it superior to other pre-amp units. It operate on one 9 Volt Battery or with an optional 9 Volt Power Supply. Please note that if you have the Hilton ME262B volume pedal or any other electronic volume pedal this unit is not for you. Your cost $ 125.00 plus shipping and handling. Optional power supply $ 18.00 if purchased with the unit.

New…..GFI – S10P Ultra In Black Mica…. Just arrived and ready for sale!

Please Note, if you are thinking about a new GFI now is the time to get it. Prices will increase after

Jan. 1st 1918.

​​Great Amps In Stock And ready To Go
We have the new Peavey Session 115, the Quilter Labs Steelaire Combo Amp and the Steelaire Power Head in stock and ready to go. This is a great selection of great amps, the new Session 115 is a power house and has some great features. The Steelaire Combo, full 200 Watts of power in an amp that weighs about 35 pounds with a great number of features that allow you to color the tone of the amp. What I like is that you can adjust the dwell and tone of the Reverb. For more information on the Session 115 go to the Peavey page and for the Quilter Labs Steelaire go to the Quilter page or contact me at 505 864-2966 or email me at frenchy@frenchyspedalsteel.com for pricing and more product info.


SIT Guitar Polish

This is a great polish for both Mica and Lacquered finished guitars that cleans, deodorizes and give your steel a great shine. It is simple to use, shake well then spray on a clean lint free cloth and polish your guitar. Buff immediately with a dry clean lint free cloth. Your Cost $ 4.95 plus shipping and handling.

​​​The Original Bill Lawrence L705 Pickup

The true 4 wiring access allows you to put the L705 into Split Series, Parallel or Out Phase wiring possibilities. I will include the standard wiring instructions. Available in Wide Mount and Narrow Mount, please specify when ordering. Your Cost $ 95.00 plus shipping and handling. Please specify either Wide or Narrow Mount when ordering.